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May 7, 2022

Bedroom Beethovens Podcast

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Welcome to Bedroom Beethovens. As an audiophile and cratedigger, I realized that I am endlessly fascinated by the mind of a musician. What makes an amazing producer? Is it their technical know-how, or their innate musicianship? Is it an ear for a hit or a knack for the commercial? The ability to faithfully reproduce an artist’s sound, or steer them in a new direction? I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories via this podcast. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment as we figure out hour 1 of the 10,000 hour journey.

DJsNeverEndingStory is a great friend of mine who happens to be a music producer whose achievements include a Top 10 Billboard ambient album, (The Harmony Epoch).

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