Common Space Artist Interview Series

September 27, 2022


Common Space is the number one touring app for creators, making it easy for you to reserve places to perform, host events & sell tickets in 40+ cities around the world, crowd-fund tours, network with other artists, fans, and much more!

The Concept

We’re connecting with indie artists from around the world to hear your favorite tour/performance stories, learning about where your journey has taken you and where its leading you next!

The How

This is a self taped interview, perfect to film on your phone while you’re out for a walk, hanging in your favorite park, or in your studio creating.

We believe self taped videos will allow creators flexibility on how they tape the interviews, when, and where. Also, this format generates much better engagement, and we want as many people to see you as possible!

Your answers will be shared on our socials channels:





(please include your social handles when you send in videos so we can tag you)

The Questions

Tell us the story of your first ever performance

Tell us about the smallest crowd you’ve ever performed for and how it went, why was it still a fun experience?

Tell us your favorite/funny stories of being backstage

Biggest culture shock moments when traveling?

Name a few cities on your bucket list to perform some day. why?

Where to Send

Send your entry via DM to @commonspaceapp on Twitter/Instagram or email,

be sure to include your socials handles so we can tag you!

We’re excited to hear from you!

Feel like the Common Space app might be a good fit for your creator journey?

Check it out here!

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