How to set up a Tour of Your Region

November 25, 2022

It is strongly advised that your first regional tour be close to where you live as you can drive or take an inexpensive bus/train to your shows which helps to limit costs. If you can, take a long weekend to do a regional tour such as booking four shows between Thursday and Sunday.

Where and When

  • Identify between two and five cities in driving distance from you.
  • Pick a range of dates for this tour – you should be booking at least 3 months ahead of time.

Venue Outreach and Selection

  • Use Common Space to search for different venues in these cities.
  • Contact venues of interest, introduce yourself, link them to your EPK on your Common Space, explain your idea and share the date ranges you are thinking about your tour.

Tour Details and Specifics

  • Set up an arrangement with venues that respond to you. This may include information like whether you pay a fee to rent the venue or if they are open to a “Door Deal” where there are no upfront costs to you, but the venue gets a percentage of all ticket sales.
  • Once the first venue confirms a date, use that as an anchor date to book other cities. It may take up to a couple weeks to finalize dates with multiple venues.
  • Search for hotels or Airbnb location in these cities – the earlier you can book them, the better as this can keep prices lower. If you need to book hotels the same day as your shows. check out to book a hotel room on the same day.
  • Congrats! You just booked your first Regional Tour!

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November 25, 2022

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